Career Progression

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  • As engineering students, all of us begin to feel that life is going nowhere at various points during our 4 years. It is completely normal. It is important however to try and find direction as soon as you can. Through Gradvine’s profile building packages, you have the right assistance in discovering what you really want to do and what you should be focusing on during the remainder of your 4 years. Remember it’s never too late or too early to try!
  • Over 2 calls of 30 minutes each, discuss your aspirations and goals through and post engineering
  • Interact with the mentor regarding his/her experiences and how the mentor overcame issues and uncertainties you may be facing today
  • Get guidance regarding setting your priorities right through your time as an engineering student
  • Profile evaluation and tips on extra-curricular activities and internships that can make a difference
  • Build, write and improve your resume.
  • Get help in setting goals and planning how to reach these goals


  • Making a decision on when and if to pursue a master’s degree post engineering is more important than choosing your university itself. Gradvine understands the impact this decision can have on your future and hence offers the opportunity for you to speak to a mentor who has made similar decisions in the past and has seen the consequences. Choose one of our mentors offering the pre masters counseling packages today. This one’s a no brainer!
  • Over 2 calls of 30 minutes each, figure out the right time for you to pursue a master’s degree
  • Discuss your profile and aspirations with the mentor and hear the mentor’s views on the same
  • Get help in deciding the field of study for your master’s degree
  • Get guidance as you try finding answers to the classic questions
  • Master’s now or after 2 years of work?
  • Master’s degree or an MBA?
  • Does 1 year of work experience make a difference?
  • Am I choosing the right field of study if I want to stay abroad /come back?


  • Recruiters often spend no more than 20 minutes to judge whether you are a fit for a job. While it isn’t ideal, this is how the world works and you have to make the most of your chance. With Gradvine’s mock interview sessions you can go through the interview process and get valuable tips and feedback so that you have the best shot at impressing the interviewer. Remember, it isn’t your answer that is important; it’s your attitude that’s the clincher. Choose one of our mentors offering mock interview sessions today & leave no room for regret!
  • Over two calls of half an hour each, give your answers to questions designed by Gradvine with your mentor acting as the interviewer
  • Get feedback in terms of the language and professionalism demonstrated by your answers
  • Get tips on body language and how visual cues can make a difference during the interview
  • Get guidance and feedback specific to your case based on the qualities demonstrated by you during the session


  • Resumes are incredibly important during if you’re looking for a job. While this seems obvious one doesn’t tend to understand their real importance until it’s a little too late. We suggest you don’t take a chance! Take a chance instead with the resume editing sessions offered by Gradvine and give yourself the best shot at bagging that job.
  • Over 2 calls of 20 minutes each, get your resume right to create a positive impression on the recruiter
  • Tips on highlighting and projecting your best qualities
  • Get guidance on which attributes to highlight for the job role and company you are applying to
  • Get help with formatting, phrasing and maintaining consistency with your content