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  • Statements of Purpose- if you think resumes are hard, give these a try. SOPs are considered to be more important than the GRE score itself and for good reason. They are a summary of the important junctures in your journey so far and why the master’s degree is the best fit for you and why you’re the best fit for the University. Unfortunately you need to convince someone other than yourself about the same with your words- the admissions committee. Getting your SOP right could be the difference between getting into an ordinary university and a great one. Important no? Our mentors think so too!
  • Get guidance on how to draft an SOP with a document from Gradvine
  • In the initial call, get guidance from the mentor on the SOP structure so that you can come up with a good first draft
  • Get reviews by the mentor what to include and what not to based on your profile so you can best express the qualities you bring to the class
  • Get help with paragraph structuring, sentence structuring, grammar and the flow of arguments
  • Ensure with the mentor’s help that your SOP justifies why you are a fit for the program and why the program is a fit for you
  • Get advice on small tweaks and changes to your SOP for different universities that could make all the difference

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  • Often, the toughest part of the master’s application process is shortlisting universities. There are plenty of great universities in America, each better or worse than the other for each different program. Hence it is quite tricky prioritizing which universities you’d want to go too. In addition, there are other small matters such as different acceptance rates for different programs and job prospects depending on geographical location. Phew! Fortunately, we aren’t here just to scare you, we’re here to help. Our mentors have actually been to University in America and will help you understand what would work best for you.
  • Get on calls with the mentor to discuss your course options and which universities offer what you’re looking for
  • Explore and prioritize the parameters you find most important in choosing a university with the mentor
  • Gain insights from the mentor regarding your reasoning for choosing these universities
  • Get lists from the mentor containing universities offering the program you are looking for
  • With the mentor’s help, decide the number of universities you should be applying to and finalize the list
  • Gain perspective on life in the USA both on campus and in the different possible states you might be going to


  • Applications for a master’s degree at a University at a foreign land can be quite daunting. Fortunately, our mentors at Gradvine have you covered. Our end-to-end service will get you guidance from a mentor who has been through the same process. What does that mean? It means you end up with the best possible applications to universities best fitted to your requirements. This offering from Gradvine is essentially a combo of all our master’s offerings. That seems quite reassuring right? The name of this package says it all!
  • End-to-end guidance from the mentor for Course options, University shortlisting, SoP edits and application essay tips
  • Essentially a combination of New Beginnings + The Elevator pitch with additional calls to discuss other application questions
  • Interact with the mentor regarding your plans during and after your master’s program
  • Discover over conversations, the implications of the program’s curriculum on your short term and long term future
  • Go over your recommendation letters and find out who the best people are to get recommendations from
  • The complete solution for your needs!

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