If someone would have asked me 4-5 months back that how can I bag a Ivy league or a good school for Masters, I would have replied him “Score a 330 or 325” and that will do it. But my whole perception about application for MS changed when I was able to bag a mere 315 on GRE. I was confused that should I retake or should I go with the score. For me it was an arduous task as I was planning to change my career stream from pure technical background(Petroleum engineering) to MS in Business Analytics with no prior CS or IT background. I got to know about Gradvine from Yocket app, I was bit hesitant to go for consultancy as you always hear stories about them charging hefty amount and finally ending up with a copy paste SOP and LOR. But still I thought of giving it a chance and upon contacting Sreekar, he explained me through all the steps. I was still not sure whether it was right choice or not!! After few days Suraj contacted me, he was so cogent that I end up registering with Gradvine and went with the same score.

To be frank, with Gradvine it won’t be a ride where you just buckle up and relax the without doing anything and end up with fabulous SOP. They will be there to guide you through out and help you with all your doubts(24×7) but one has to put his own effort to start with the rough draft and it will be their responsibility to carve and polish it. In my case, Suraj himself was my mentor and we used to sit like hours to discuss on what to add or remove. After lot of drafts, we finally came up with a SOP which helped me bag 4 admits out of 5 University that I applied, out of which even 2 universities offered scholarship. To summarize it has to be a combined effort from both the side.