My admits to some of the top schools in the world – Stanford, CMU, Johns Hopkins, Duke, (especially with scholarship) were not easy. They were actually really really tough and took years of planning and hard-work.
Having the ideal profile, scores, and most importantly passion, sometimes, may not be enough. To put it forward in a way that helps others understand what you want to do is an art that Gradvine mastered.
I met Suraj when I was in my first year of engineering and one of the first things he said to me was that he’d help me get into a good school for my Master’s. A little later he told me the idea of Gradvine and I knew immediately they would be extremely successful.
From seeing them start off to being their client, they’ve come a long way. Suraj’s advice not only for my applications but also in my career path has reinforced my belief in Gradvine and their goals. They’ve been getting admits to huggeee insane universities year after year, but the best part according to me is that they’re helping people realize their interests and giving them the courage to reach their potential.
I have to admit here that more than the decisions, the scholarships were what satisfied me. I have Suraj to thank, for encouraging me to apply even though I told him (while rolling my eyes) “Securing an admit at these schools itself seems impossible, what do you mean apply for financial aid?”. And so, I’d like to thank Team Gradvine for patiently answering my infinite number of questions and for encouraging me to dream big.
Congratulations on a highly successful year with admits at the best for every respective field!

– Aishwarya Buggana- Stanford University- Environmental Engineering