I consider myself fortunate enough to have found Gradvine through Facebook. These guys are really passionate about their work and know what they’re doing. At first, I was a bit skeptical as the entire process would be online. But I am glad that I went with Gradvine as I am done with my admission season with two admits (NEU & UMD). Frankly speaking, NEU wasn’t on my list at first. It was my mentor who told me about the school and hence, I filled their application. So these guys really do help in university shortlisting based on one’s profile, unlike other consultants who just provide everyone with the same list of safe universities.
Apart from university shortlisting, I took their help for my SOP editing as well. My mentor was proactive throughout the process. We exchanged a number of drafts until we both were satisfied. The final draft was completely different from what I gave initially. My mentor did not focus on embellishing the passage like most editors do, rather, gave me suggestions on improving the content. He highlighted a number of flaws in the initial draft that I couldn’t figure out on my own.
I have no qualms in admitting that without the entire Gradvine team’s support I wouldn’t have had these admits.