Landing in the right University is not a big deal if one knows to take the right steps at the right time. The problem is I did not know what steps to take. Gradvine came to my help when I really needed a mentor. The best thing about Gradvine is that, the mentors have been through the process and landed at the most sought after unis themselves. While people with writing skills alone can make your SOP look presentable, the GV team are a mix of technical and language experts who make sure that your essays are not merely an exhibit of artistic flair but makes you standout among the technical community. I cannot thank Sreekar and Suraj enough for their spontaneous help whenever I needed them. For those who are looking to join Gradvine, trust me, no other place will give you such service! I did not have mere “counsellors” at Gradvine but actual mentors! Thanks a lot team GV!

– Jyothirmoy Mukherjee- Virginia Tech, Mechanical Engineering