I remember at the time of applying to my dream design schools, I was exploring consultancies from across the world that could help me with my applications for design programmes. Pretty much all the doors that I knocked on went unanswered because majority of the consultancies focused only on MBA and engineering courses. They felt design was too niche and the few consultancies that could help me were just exorbitant.
I met Sreekar only a few months before I decided to take his services at Gradvine professionally. I knew Sreekar to be a great friend and a very genuine person but I had never worked with him professionally. But he was upfront and told me that he could help me to the best of his ability even though it was his first time of working on such a profile. At some level, I was probably taking a risk but in hindsight, it turned out to be possibly one of the best decisions of my life!
Working with Sreekar and his co-founder, Suraj was a phenomenal learning curve for me too. While I discussed my thought process and my ideas with the Gradvine team, Sreekar helped me in crystallizing and refining each draft. For weeks altogether, I was made to delve deeper into what I wanted from this course, what my skill-sets were, what failures and joy define me as a person and eventually I looked further inside to understand what I wanted from life. My essays came to reflect each of these cornerstones through my brainstorming sessions with Gradvine. Sreekar worked with me at every step of this “journey”. He worked tirelessly on my essays, my portfolios until each of them were curated to reflect perfection in thought and in articulation.
Sreekar knew when to pause, when a certain para was going off the radar of the question.. basically all elements required to make the essay one to reckon with. I also remember him working on reducing my essays from 4500 words to 1500 words! It is not an easy job at all.
While admits came through soon after my submissions, the experience of getting Gradvine on board will stay with me. I highly, highly recommend Gradvine to students aspiring for under-graduate and graduate studies. You will not regret your decision and you will live to tell a story! After all, Gradvine gave me the career I had only dreamt of.

Lavanya Julaniya- Parson’s school of Design, IIT Chicago, California College of Arts, Master’s in Design+MBA dual degree