I found information about gradvine on one of the Facebook pages and decided to schedule a call with them for help with the preparation of my portfolio. One phone call with Sreekar was enough to convince me that gradvine could provide me with something that the other organizations could not – frank and effective advice. Over the next three months, I worked with Priyanshi, my mentor and went over several drafts of essays for every university, until I had one document each for every university that I decided to apply for. In my mentor, I found a strict professionalism which inspired me to push my limits and brought out the best in me. The rigorous process of writing my essays also helped me improve my judgement about the universities I applied to, and I concluded a hectic university application process with high spirits and confidence, thanks to Gradvine. True to my instincts, admits poured in starting with a master’s admit for Computer Science in Arizona State University, followed by North Carolina State University. I hit success with a Canadian university as well, in receiving an admit from the Simon Fraser University for a professional master’s degree in Computer Science, specialising in Big Data. But an admit from the State University of New York at Stony Brook was the icing on the cake.
The thing I liked the most about Gradvine was their realistic (at the same time inspirational) approach towards the application process, which put me in a great mindset, helping me through a tedious application process.
P. S. I was able to achieve all of this with the help of my mentor Priyanshi and Gradvine, while working 50 hours every week.

-Pavan Kotapalli- SUNY Stony Brook, Computer Science