Back of my mind I always wanted to pursue higher studies however almost 3 years into work I did not have enough motivation to go through the herculean task of filling the applications for masters. I admitted this to Suraj during a general conversation of ours and there was no looking back since then. He gave me a very good direction in picking the right schools and the right courses.

He has put me in touch with many of connections who have studied courses from the same line of subject which was very important building a right perspective in preparing for the application and the a masters program. Gradvine has critiqued my essays by giving an honest review thus enabling me do the necessary edits. I owe a large part of the credit behind my admits into UIUC and University of Minnesota to Suraj and Gradvine. I strongly recommend Gradvine for students and even more for working professionals who are aspiring to apply for masters.

Almost 3 years into work I lacked enough motivation sail through the herculean task of applying for masters. Fortunately through Gradvine, I got in touch with masters graduates who’ve gone through this similar phase. The interactive mentoring was assuring and motivated into giving the best shot at applying to the top universities. I owe my admit into UIUC to Gradvine and strongly recommend their services to the working professionals who are aspiring to apply for masters.

— Pruthvi Srungavarapu, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign