“The team at Gradvine, I believe, is one of the most dedicated teams. From the very first call to discuss whether I’d like to avail their services to the final call – it’s precise, short, and to the point. I interacted with Sreekar from the start. He was always very patient and would push me to delve deeper into every question or situation to help me bring out the true essence of that situation. Even with his jam-packed schedule, he had the quickest turn-around time on the reviews and suggestions. The application process is easily one of the most stressful and uncertain of situations for most people. So having someone dependable to help you review your work and pull through the whole process is a necessity – the gradvine team is exactly that someone. A big Thank you to Sreekar and team. Wishing them all the success! ”
All the very best all the future plans! 🙂

– Shreyashri Sanji- ESSEC, ESADE, ISB- MBA