When I started my application process, I was confused like everybody else. I wanted my application to be my best, but I kept hearing only negative things about the consultancies. One fine day, a random guy recommended Gradvine to me. I checked the website, spoke to Sreekar and decided to risk it.On a practical note, the fee was affordable and worth risking. I felt it was better to go with somebody who had few good reviews than somebody with lots of negative reviews. Suraj was my mentor throughout my Gradvine journey. He ensured that I think hard about what I could write in the SOP and that the best in me is brought out by myself. He pushed me and encouraged me to aim higher and apply to better colleges.
Result? I got my dream admit, As simple as that!
I eventually did a smart thing!!

Spriha Gupta- Purdue, Business Analytics, Carnegie Mellon- MISM