It was the last week of December and with only 5 days before the deadline of my dream university, I was still unsure on how to cut down from 1500 to 1000 words. My friend had used Gradvine services and I had seen his final SOP. Without thinking twice, I just paid for the service and scheduled a chat with Sreekar. Within 36 hours, I had my sop review done. That’s how diligent the entire Gradvine team is about your future. Needlessly to say, I recommended the service to quite a few of my friends and the end result; me and my friends have admits from not just our dream university but probably from universities ( CMU, Columbia, Duke to name a few) most people aspire to get into.
Gradvine has a plethora of options depending on what you need. They won’t spoon feed you until you want them to and best part, they charge you accordingly. Thank you Sreekar, Suraj n the entire Gradvine team for all your efforts!!

-Sudipto Das- Carnegie Mellon University- MiS