When you decide to pursue your MS, many opinions/advises come your way. It often happens so that one believes that taking the GRE and TOEFL are the biggest steps in the process. I for one, had fallen for that. But when I attended one of the mixers organized by Gradvine, the interaction with fellow applicants and the mentors made me understand that the real big steps are after the tests. Discussing the process with the Gradvine mentors helped me chalk out next steps. During the sessions with the mentors, who are amazing at what they do, I was able to structure my thoughts better and finally produced a genuine statement of purpose. Gradvine gives the required attention to each of your queries/expectations and helps take informed decisions at each stage. Their insights at every step of the process is what makes their service so special. I recommend every student to get on a free call with them to experience the same and pick the right consultancy!

Surya Teja- Computer Science- New York University