I always want to pursue my higher studies from one of the most prestigious and top universities in the world and now I can proudly say that I got an admit from “Vanderbilt University”. The journey is not easy and like anyone even I spent many sleepless nights wondering if I could secure even a single admit. When I thought of pursuing my masters and started with the application procedure, I got stuck in middle of many questions, which university should I choose, which specialization should I go for, then I approached Gradvine.

The reason why I chose Gradvine is unlike other average consultancies, which suggests you with some regular university list based on your acads and GRE score, Gradvine is different. They make us dream bigger and help us in turning those dreams into reality. The difference between other consultancies and Gradvine is the people here have gone on this journey and experienced the pleasure of getting an admission from big universities from CMU, DUKE, UCB. My mentor helped me right from finalising the university list to choosing the university and I never faced any problem with the difference in time zone. They are really cordial and if you have any questions or doubts of why you have to choose a particular university or is it safe to pursue MS at this particular time because of hate crimes and many more policies getting changed or any other question, ask them and they give the best answer why you have to go for it. I would highly recommend Gradvine to every MS in US aspirant. Just contact them and you will get to know why you have to choose Gradvine.

They encourage us to dream big and help us turn those dreams into reality. The difference with Gradvine’s approach is their whole host of mentors. They themselves have walked through the admissions process and experienced the pleasure of getting into dream universities.

–Veena Nalluri, Vanderbilt University