Lavanya Julaniya

I remember at the time of applying to my dream design schools, I was exploring consultancies from across the world that could help me with my applications for design programmes. Pretty much all the doors that I knocked on went unanswered because majority of the consultancies focused only on MBA and engineering courses. They felt design was too niche and the few consultancies that could help me were just exorbitant.
I met Sreekar only a few months before I decided to take his services at Gradvine professionally. I knew Sreekar to be a great friend and a very genuine person but I had never worked with him professionally. But he was upfront and told me that he could help me to the best of his ability even though it was his first time of working on such a profile. At some level, I was probably taking a risk but in hindsight, it turned out to be possibly one of the best decisions of my life!
Working with Sreekar and his co-founder, Suraj was a phenomenal learning curve for me too. While I discussed my thought process and my ideas with the Gradvine team, Sreekar helped me in crystallizing and refining each draft. For weeks altogether, I was made to delve deeper into what I wanted from this course, what my skill-sets were, what failures and joy define me as a person and eventually I looked further inside to understand what I wanted from life. My essays came to reflect each of these cornerstones through my brainstorming sessions with Gradvine. Sreekar worked with me at every step of this “journey”. He worked tirelessly on my essays, my portfolios until each of them were curated to reflect perfection in thought and in articulation.
Sreekar knew when to pause, when a certain para was going off the radar of the question.. basically all elements required to make the essay one to reckon with. I also remember him working on reducing my essays from 4500 words to 1500 words! It is not an easy job at all.
While admits came through soon after my submissions, the experience of getting Gradvine on board will stay with me. I highly, highly recommend Gradvine to students aspiring for under-graduate and graduate studies. You will not regret your decision and you will live to tell a story! After all, Gradvine gave me the career I had only dreamt of.

Lavanya Julaniya- Parson’s school of Design, IIT Chicago, California College of Arts, Master’s in Design+MBA dual degree

Aishwarya Buggana

My admits to some of the top schools in the world – Stanford, CMU, Johns Hopkins, Duke, (especially with scholarship) were not easy. They were actually really really tough and took years of planning and hard-work.
Having the ideal profile, scores, and most importantly passion, sometimes, may not be enough. To put it forward in a way that helps others understand what you want to do is an art that Gradvine mastered.
I met Suraj when I was in my first year of engineering and one of the first things he said to me was that he’d help me get into a good school for my Master’s. A little later he told me the idea of Gradvine and I knew immediately they would be extremely successful.
From seeing them start off to being their client, they’ve come a long way. Suraj’s advice not only for my applications but also in my career path has reinforced my belief in Gradvine and their goals. They’ve been getting admits to huggeee insane universities year after year, but the best part according to me is that they’re helping people realize their interests and giving them the courage to reach their potential.
I have to admit here that more than the decisions, the scholarships were what satisfied me. I have Suraj to thank, for encouraging me to apply even though I told him (while rolling my eyes) “Securing an admit at these schools itself seems impossible, what do you mean apply for financial aid?”. And so, I’d like to thank Team Gradvine for patiently answering my infinite number of questions and for encouraging me to dream big.
Congratulations on a highly successful year with admits at the best for every respective field!

– Aishwarya Buggana- Stanford University- Environmental Engineering

Abhinaya Ananthakrishnan

I think what sets them apart is that they have been through this process themselves. They get straight to the point pushing boundaries where required. Gradvine helped me get my essay reviewed from a versatile network so that I could put my best foot forward. I would gladly recommend their services to anyone.

– Abhinaya Ananthakrishnan- University of Texas- Austin, MS in Analytics

Shantanu Patel

I found Gradvine online through some browsing but I was really attracted by the passion with which they help the students. Though my contact was only online and via calling throughout my process but Sreekar was really helpful and always available whenever I needed help. His inputs into my SOP really helped a lot. Gradvine is the way to go for solving all of one’s doubts regarding the process and improving the application. This is clearly visible in the student admits which they have helped achieve.

– Shantanu Patel- Duke, MEM

Lokesh Tej

Gradvine really helped me out when I was stuck at a point after choosing a wrong consulting company. They helped me in my SOP and my regular queries about my application related stuff. They motivated me to apply to some good courses in some good universities and finally got admits for some fantastic universities. Thank you Gradvine for all the help.

– Lokesh Tej- Paderborn, Germany

Shreyashri Sanji

“The team at Gradvine, I believe, is one of the most dedicated teams. From the very first call to discuss whether I’d like to avail their services to the final call – it’s precise, short, and to the point. I interacted with Sreekar from the start. He was always very patient and would push me to delve deeper into every question or situation to help me bring out the true essence of that situation. Even with his jam-packed schedule, he had the quickest turn-around time on the reviews and suggestions. The application process is easily one of the most stressful and uncertain of situations for most people. So having someone dependable to help you review your work and pull through the whole process is a necessity – the gradvine team is exactly that someone. A big Thank you to Sreekar and team. Wishing them all the success! ”
All the very best all the future plans! 🙂

– Shreyashri Sanji- ESSEC, ESADE, ISB- MBA

Utkarsh Bansal

Gradvine has some brilliant and passionate people working hard to clear the silliest of your doubts. Gradvine’s USP is that they’ll put you in touch with a highly knowledgeable Gradvine mentor who has gone through the process of applying to colleges themself. They really deliver!
I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Utkarsh Bansal- Northeastern University- Computer Science

Ganesh Iyer

I came to know about Gradvine through Shrija Priyanil (currently a mentor at Gradvine), who at the time was in the University of Washington at Seattle for her Masters. Based on her feedback, I quickly got in touch with Suraj Peri, regarding how to proceed with my Master’s application cycle.
Before I go into the details, I would like to state that Suraj, Srikar and the team are an extremely dedicated bunch, and they try their absolute best to ensure that they can help a student in the best possible manner. Right from selecting Universities and programs that are particular to your interests, to helping with your SOPs and résumés, they delve into the intricacies of every detail during the application with the student. One highlight is that this process will not be standardized, as in the case of other Consultancies; rather, this is curated to the program and the student.
In spite of the fact that I did not get into any program in the first application cycle, Suraj stuck with me throughout next year, taking my long and tedious queries at odd hours of the day. He ensured that I projected myself in the best possible manner before a graduate selection committee. Suraj has been an amazing mentor and friend. I attribute a large part of my success to Suraj and the folks at Gradvine!

– Ganesh Iyer- Carnegie Mellon- MS Robotics

Akshaya Bomnawar

These guys are amazing , they know their work and are passionate about it .

Raghunathh Reddy

Gradvine team helped me understand the career prospects & course selection in detail. I recommend anyone who would like to have a good understanding of Masters Specialization can approach this team.

Vaani Sharma

Gradvine is a really great initiative in terms providing the right sense of direction to scared applicants. This is a confusing phase and I feel that just one call with Gradvine can make you feel much better about your decision or help you take one. Kudos to the team and keep up the good work!

Ashish Chadda

Grad application is a tedious process, it always pays to have someone experienced around you when you fill in the same. So grateful to have Gradvine beside me during the same time!
They are super helpful and available to provide with insights whenever required! Being graduates from the top universities themselves helps a lot!
Gradvine, thank you for making the process so smooth.

Faisal Adnan

Won’t lie. Was a little skeptical about gradvine in the start. But it proved me wrong in every way possible. The abundant support and guidance by the mentors helped me bag an admit from most of my universitities.
Generally all students, before applying for foreign graduate studies never believe in their true potential. Gradvine showed me what I was deserving of. Helped me expand my horizons in ways I wouldn’t have thought of in the beginning.
So without a doubt in mind, I can tell they definitely are mentoring the future.

– Faisal Adnan- Industrial Engineering- University of Houston, Clemson University

Bala Sai yashwanth

The first reason for choosing Gradvine over other commercial consultancies was that most of the mentors over here are young talents who are either currently pursuing or just completed their further studies. And my instincts were right. They guide you like a senior in college who is helping a junior get through the whole process. The mentors themselves being students couple of years back, understand your situation properly and help you in the best possible way. The process is genuine, economical and way better than other consultancies. Thanks to Tarun and Suraj for their constant guidance to make a better SoP. Further, Sreekar, thanks for everything and I hope Gradvine achieves greater heights.
Congratulations on what you have achieved and All the Best for your future endeavors.

– Bala Sai yashwanth- SUNY Buffalo- Industrial Engineering

Abdul Raheem

The best part about the Gradvine team is that they don’t treat you as a customer. Instead, they guide you and treat you as their friend or someone on their own team. The team has helped me with the entire process, from structuring my SOP, shortlisting Universities based on my preferences to helping me out with my applications.
Also, having your own mentor belonging to your field has helped me a lot. The mentors not only help you out with your applications, but also guide you with planning your MS studies in order to achieve your career goals. I wish all the best to the Gradvine team and hope many more will opt for your service in future.
Kudos to the team for coming up with a ALL in ONE platform for aspiring MS students.

– Abdul Raheem- Industrial Engineering- University of Houston, Clemson University

Rishi Prasad

I reached out to Gradvine’s team after reading up a lot of positive reviews. I opted for the express service.
What I really like is that they don’t spoon feed you with what needs to be written in your Statement of Purpose unlike what I’ve heard about other consultancies. They make you write your SOP on your own,
However, what they did provide me with was this – a very comprehensive critique of my initial draft and insightful guidelines on how I could make my SOP more impactful.
This meant that all my content would still be original, however it would simply have an advantage of being reviewed by a team of very competent individuals.
Would highly recommend their service if you actually want to work on your SOP and maintain your individuality and not have someone draft a generic one for you.

– Rishi Prasad- Carnegie Mellon University

Jyothirmoy Mukherjee

Landing in the right University is not a big deal if one knows to take the right steps at the right time. The problem is I did not know what steps to take. Gradvine came to my help when I really needed a mentor. The best thing about Gradvine is that, the mentors have been through the process and landed at the most sought after unis themselves. While people with writing skills alone can make your SOP look presentable, the GV team are a mix of technical and language experts who make sure that your essays are not merely an exhibit of artistic flair but makes you standout among the technical community. I cannot thank Sreekar and Suraj enough for their spontaneous help whenever I needed them. For those who are looking to join Gradvine, trust me, no other place will give you such service! I did not have mere “counsellors” at Gradvine but actual mentors! Thanks a lot team GV!

– Jyothirmoy Mukherjee- Virginia Tech, Mechanical Engineering

Osho Kumar

The Gradvine team has been a great help throughout the process specially Parth and Sreekar . Honestly, had it not been for Gradvine, I wouldn’t even have applied to colleges I got admits from. I was under the impression that my GPA was too low but they really encouraged me to apply to my dream colleges and programs.

– Osho Kumar- Carnegie Mellon, MISM

Pranika Gupta

Applying to grad school is such a daunting and time-consuming task that I am extremely grateful for the help I received from Gradvine. From finalizing the college list to just figuring the structure of a simple email, Suraj helped me greatly every step of the way. I actually took more than five weeks to perfect my SOP and was always helped with patience for every question or doubt I had. I have already gotten an admit at a great school and I am waiting to hear from a couple more but no matter where I join, I will have Gradvine to thank for it in a way.
I know this is process can be arduous and overwhelming so I would recommend getting help and Gradvine is a great place for that.

– Pranika Gupta- University of Michigan Ann Arbor- Aerospace Engineering

Pavan Kotapalli

I found information about gradvine on one of the Facebook pages and decided to schedule a call with them for help with the preparation of my portfolio. One phone call with Sreekar was enough to convince me that gradvine could provide me with something that the other organizations could not – frank and effective advice. Over the next three months, I worked with Priyanshi, my mentor and went over several drafts of essays for every university, until I had one document each for every university that I decided to apply for. In my mentor, I found a strict professionalism which inspired me to push my limits and brought out the best in me. The rigorous process of writing my essays also helped me improve my judgement about the universities I applied to, and I concluded a hectic university application process with high spirits and confidence, thanks to Gradvine. True to my instincts, admits poured in starting with a master’s admit for Computer Science in Arizona State University, followed by North Carolina State University. I hit success with a Canadian university as well, in receiving an admit from the Simon Fraser University for a professional master’s degree in Computer Science, specialising in Big Data. But an admit from the State University of New York at Stony Brook was the icing on the cake.
The thing I liked the most about Gradvine was their realistic (at the same time inspirational) approach towards the application process, which put me in a great mindset, helping me through a tedious application process.
P. S. I was able to achieve all of this with the help of my mentor Priyanshi and Gradvine, while working 50 hours every week.

-Pavan Kotapalli- SUNY Stony Brook, Computer Science

Abhijeet Nayak

If someone would have asked me 4-5 months back that how can I bag a Ivy league or a good school for Masters, I would have replied him “Score a 330 or 325” and that will do it. But my whole perception about application for MS changed when I was able to bag a mere 315 on GRE. I was confused that should I retake or should I go with the score. For me it was an arduous task as I was planning to change my career stream from pure technical background(Petroleum engineering) to MS in Business Analytics with no prior CS or IT background. I got to know about Gradvine from Yocket app, I was bit hesitant to go for consultancy as you always hear stories about them charging hefty amount and finally ending up with a copy paste SOP and LOR. But still I thought of giving it a chance and upon contacting Sreekar, he explained me through all the steps. I was still not sure whether it was right choice or not!! After few days Suraj contacted me, he was so cogent that I end up registering with Gradvine and went with the same score.

To be frank, with Gradvine it won’t be a ride where you just buckle up and relax the without doing anything and end up with fabulous SOP. They will be there to guide you through out and help you with all your doubts(24×7) but one has to put his own effort to start with the rough draft and it will be their responsibility to carve and polish it. In my case, Suraj himself was my mentor and we used to sit like hours to discuss on what to add or remove. After lot of drafts, we finally came up with a SOP which helped me bag 4 admits out of 5 University that I applied, out of which even 2 universities offered scholarship. To summarize it has to be a combined effort from both the side.

Abdul Najeeb

The Gradvine team delineated the whole process of applying to the US universities in a way that cleared all my doubts as I went along through the process and made it really easy. My mentor played a key role in helping me to tailor my SOP which was really helpful. These people are genuine and will sit down with you and listen to you like no other competitor out there. Kudos to the whole team of gradvine and I hope more and more students avail their service in the future.

Abdul Najeeb- Industrial Engineering- University of Houston, Clemson University

Ishita Bedi

By far the most genuine, helpful and professional people ever. For someone like me who had no idea whatsoever about the applications, everything became just too easy since Gradvine came into the picture. The best part is that they’re always available and help you at every tiny step – no question is silly and you can depend on them to guide and motivate you through. I am extremely grateful to Suraj Peri and the entire team. Y’all are the best! God bless you!

Ishita Bedi- Computer Science- University of Southern California

Surya Teja

When you decide to pursue your MS, many opinions/advises come your way. It often happens so that one believes that taking the GRE and TOEFL are the biggest steps in the process. I for one, had fallen for that. But when I attended one of the mixers organized by Gradvine, the interaction with fellow applicants and the mentors made me understand that the real big steps are after the tests. Discussing the process with the Gradvine mentors helped me chalk out next steps. During the sessions with the mentors, who are amazing at what they do, I was able to structure my thoughts better and finally produced a genuine statement of purpose. Gradvine gives the required attention to each of your queries/expectations and helps take informed decisions at each stage. Their insights at every step of the process is what makes their service so special. I recommend every student to get on a free call with them to experience the same and pick the right consultancy!

Surya Teja- Computer Science- New York University

Spriha Gupta

When I started my application process, I was confused like everybody else. I wanted my application to be my best, but I kept hearing only negative things about the consultancies. One fine day, a random guy recommended Gradvine to me. I checked the website, spoke to Sreekar and decided to risk it.On a practical note, the fee was affordable and worth risking. I felt it was better to go with somebody who had few good reviews than somebody with lots of negative reviews. Suraj was my mentor throughout my Gradvine journey. He ensured that I think hard about what I could write in the SOP and that the best in me is brought out by myself. He pushed me and encouraged me to aim higher and apply to better colleges.
Result? I got my dream admit, As simple as that!
I eventually did a smart thing!!

Spriha Gupta- Purdue, Business Analytics, Carnegie Mellon- MISM

Kajal Verma

For MS applications, I had an SOP already but I needed help making it the best it could be. So I took a risk seeing positive reviews about Gradvine and registered for the SOP service. I am very pleased with the result! I appreciate how Sreekar and Suraj personally handled my SOP and got reviews from alums from top universities. Following their tips as well as of the Gradvine mentors, I was able to create an SOP that was not only in my own words (not spoon-fed!) but also reviewed by experienced mentors who really know the art of drafting an SOP. As a result, I have got two great admits! 🙂 Thank you Gradvine!

-Kajal Verma- Georgia Tech Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon Computational Data Science

Vani SK

I came to know about Gradvine from a random friend on yoket. Gradvine was great with university shortlisting. They listed out the universities which were my best bet. I had the flexibility to include a few of the universities i personally was interested in. Soon after finalizing the list i was assigned a mentor who has gone through the same process as me and is in the field i am interested in. Eash as a mentor helped me understand what the universities are looking for in an essay/SOP. After a lot many iterations, we settled with one perfect draft which helped get into one of the brilliant universities (Texas A&M, college station) which was pointed out as highly ambitious for my score.
I am extremely happy with the outcome.

– Vani SK- Texas A&M- MSIS

Swadha Vanikar

The application process is a taxing one. Initially it did seem easy, but as time passed and deadlines approached I realized that it would be really helpful to have someone with experience to guide me through. Applying for the first time, I did not know how to go about my motivation letters. This is when I came across Gradvine. One of my applications was due within five days of signing up for Gradvine. With the deadline so close and not even a rough draft ready then, my anxiety levels were soaring through the roof. I spoke to Sreekar and he mentored me as I wrote my motivation letters. He pushed me to think harder, to realize what I genuinely expect from my career and future and to make the best use of my experiences, all of which was reflected in my applications. No sooner, I got my dream admits. The team also helped me make a right decision when it came to choosing between the universities. I also extend my sincere gratitude to Suraj, who gave me a clear idea about the universities when I was in a dilemma. Thanks to Gradvine.

-Swadha Vanikar- TU DELFT, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign- Master of Technology Management

Sukrutti Mittal

I came to know about gradvine from the yocket group for MS in US. When I had my first talk with Sreekar, I knew I had come to the right place. His knowledge about the admissions process and colleges was something that I didn’t find in the previous counselors I had consulted with during my last year of application.
I started my SOP and LOR process with Jonathan and with A LOT of iterations, we finally arrived with the essay that I was more than happy with. The best part was that the SOP is a reflection of who I am. He helped me in articulating it better without changing the story. I would like to thank both Jonathan and Sreekar for all the help and guidance. And would happily recommend it to other people as well.

-Sukrutti Mittal- SUNY Stony Brook- Computer Science

Sudipto Das

It was the last week of December and with only 5 days before the deadline of my dream university, I was still unsure on how to cut down from 1500 to 1000 words. My friend had used Gradvine services and I had seen his final SOP. Without thinking twice, I just paid for the service and scheduled a chat with Sreekar. Within 36 hours, I had my sop review done. That’s how diligent the entire Gradvine team is about your future. Needlessly to say, I recommended the service to quite a few of my friends and the end result; me and my friends have admits from not just our dream university but probably from universities ( CMU, Columbia, Duke to name a few) most people aspire to get into.
Gradvine has a plethora of options depending on what you need. They won’t spoon feed you until you want them to and best part, they charge you accordingly. Thank you Sreekar, Suraj n the entire Gradvine team for all your efforts!!

-Sudipto Das- Carnegie Mellon University- MiS

Dweep Gogia

I consider myself fortunate enough to have found Gradvine through Facebook. These guys are really passionate about their work and know what they’re doing. At first, I was a bit skeptical as the entire process would be online. But I am glad that I went with Gradvine as I am done with my admission season with two admits (NEU & UMD). Frankly speaking, NEU wasn’t on my list at first. It was my mentor who told me about the school and hence, I filled their application. So these guys really do help in university shortlisting based on one’s profile, unlike other consultants who just provide everyone with the same list of safe universities.
Apart from university shortlisting, I took their help for my SOP editing as well. My mentor was proactive throughout the process. We exchanged a number of drafts until we both were satisfied. The final draft was completely different from what I gave initially. My mentor did not focus on embellishing the passage like most editors do, rather, gave me suggestions on improving the content. He highlighted a number of flaws in the initial draft that I couldn’t figure out on my own.
I have no qualms in admitting that without the entire Gradvine team’s support I wouldn’t have had these admits.

Shreya Anantharaman

The mentors here are really hands-on and offer the most objective advice throughout the process. They’ve been very helpful and have whipped my application essays into shape. I know who to thank if I get an admit.

– Shreya Anantharaman- Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Duke University, Purdue University- Master’s in Engineering Management

Monish Godhia

I was completely perplexed by the graduate admission process and it was at this moment I came across Gradvine team. The optimism that I gained after meeting them was perhaps, a turning point for me. The support and guidance extended by their entire team with various elements of the admission process was exemplary. They inspired me to not settle for less and helped me bag an early Ivy league admit – Masters in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania.

It was a dream come true for me. This is what they do – they make what seems impossible a reality, and thus, I would wholeheartedly recommend Gradvine to all folks out there who deserve the best. Gradvine team simply knows how its done and they will do it for you. Thank you again Gradvine!

They inspired me to not settle for less and helped me bag an early Ivy league admit – Masters in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania. It was a dream come true for me. This is what they do – they make what seems impossible a reality

-Monish Godhia- MS Computer Science- University of Pennsylvania

Devansh Saini

Its been exactly 1 year since I started my graduate school. When I look back at the time when I was filling applications for US universities, having someone constantly guide you through the entire process is something invaluable and I feel highly obliged writing this review. I can’t thank my mentor enough for his time, effort and motivation in making me realise my potential and helping me work towards getting into the university I always wanted.

Anyone seeking authentic and precise help for college applications, Look no further than Gradvine.
Thank-you and Keep up the good work guys !!!

I can’t thank my mentor enough for his time, effort and motivation in making me realise my potential and helping me work towards getting into the university I always wanted. Anyone seeking authentic and precise help for college applications, Look no further than Gradvine.

-Devansh Saini- University of Illinois-Chicago

Aravind eelangovan

When I had the option of going for an online consultation, firstly, I didn’t think it will be a viable option since I can’t be sure if I can contact them anytime if I needed an urgent advice. But gradvine proved me wrong. In spite of being in different time zones, they did quite a good job in sparing the time I required when I required. I started very late with the application process and was quite upset if I’d be able to apply in time to all the universities I wanted to.

My consultant Suraj was typically the type of person I was seeking to get guidance from. He was super motivating and whenever I felt low for some reason that could turn into a potential drawback in my application, all I needed was a 5 mins skyping with him. He put me in the right mindsets to write my SOP and before I took my online interviews. He made sure I was in time to finish all the application work well ahead of the deadline, in spite of the delayed start. And I should definitely mention that the service came at a very low expense provided its quality. Now I am going to start with my Master’s in Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M University. And I know gradvine definitely made a difference in my application that increased my chances of getting through the application process.

I started very late with the application process and was quite upset if I’d be able to apply in time. My mentor was typically the type of person I was seeking to get guidance from. He was super motivating and put me in the right mindset to draft my essays and mentored me for my online interviews. I thank Gradvine for making me believe that I am good for the dreams I hold for myself.

– Aravind eelangovan, Texas A&M-College Station

Mekhla Singhania

After giving my GRE, and receiving a score I felt was not good enough, I was quite unsure about which universities I should really apply to. Most Master’s applications have a lot of statements to submit, and I was quite confused about what to write where. I heard about gradvine through some common friends, and had a call with Suraj. I think talking to him, and the gradvine team was the best decision I made. The team helped to boost my confidence immensely, and made me realize that research experience and the ability to express my ambition on my statements would help me gain admission in the top notch colleges for Biological Sciences.

The gradvine team helped me in deciding the right universities based on my research interest and profile. They also helped me revise my statements numerous times and cleared all doubts I had about applications. The dedication and commitment with which the gradvine team works on each applicant is amazing. The team has a great understanding of the application process, and they really help us focus on the most important sections. I would recommend Gradvine to every MS aspirant, for the effort they put into helping the applicants to achieve their goals.

The dedication and commitment with which the Gradvine’s mentors work on each applicant is amazing. The team has a great understanding of the application process, and they ensure that we communicate our strengths in the most holistic way possible. My mentor understood the technicalities of my research in biological sciences and guided me into effectively expressing my interests and ambitions in my essays.

– Mekhla Singhania, University of Minnesota

Pruthvi Srungavarapu

Back of my mind I always wanted to pursue higher studies however almost 3 years into work I did not have enough motivation to go through the herculean task of filling the applications for masters. I admitted this to Suraj during a general conversation of ours and there was no looking back since then. He gave me a very good direction in picking the right schools and the right courses.

He has put me in touch with many of connections who have studied courses from the same line of subject which was very important building a right perspective in preparing for the application and the a masters program. Gradvine has critiqued my essays by giving an honest review thus enabling me do the necessary edits. I owe a large part of the credit behind my admits into UIUC and University of Minnesota to Suraj and Gradvine. I strongly recommend Gradvine for students and even more for working professionals who are aspiring to apply for masters.

Almost 3 years into work I lacked enough motivation sail through the herculean task of applying for masters. Fortunately through Gradvine, I got in touch with masters graduates who’ve gone through this similar phase. The interactive mentoring was assuring and motivated into giving the best shot at applying to the top universities. I owe my admit into UIUC to Gradvine and strongly recommend their services to the working professionals who are aspiring to apply for masters.

— Pruthvi Srungavarapu, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Meghana Kuppa

I knew I wanted to pursue my post-graduate education even before I joined college for my undergrad. I imagined that simply knowing what I wanted to do would help me choose the right university and the right program. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Soon enough, I was drowning in a sea of information from various websites; each claiming a different college to be the best for my chosen course. It was then that I got in touch with Suraj Peri at Gradvine. Within a month, I received first-hand information on every question that I had on where to apply and where to go. Applications are tough, and it easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you’re not good enough for your dream university.

The folks at Gradvine, having been there and done that, know exactly how to motivate you and help you realize your potential. I have received admits from four universities (including Duke and Carnegie Mellon), and I am thrilled to be able to choose between two great schools! Had it not been for Gradvine, I would never have taken the initial step of even applying to these top schools. I will forever be grateful to Gradvine for all the help and the positive vibes!

It easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you’re not good enough for your dream university. The folks at Gradvine motivated me and made me realize my true potential, resulting in an admit from my dream university. Had it not been for Gradvine, I would’ve never even taken the initial step of applying to these top schools.

-Meghana Kuppa, Duke University, Environmental Engineering

Veena Nalluri

I always want to pursue my higher studies from one of the most prestigious and top universities in the world and now I can proudly say that I got an admit from “Vanderbilt University”. The journey is not easy and like anyone even I spent many sleepless nights wondering if I could secure even a single admit. When I thought of pursuing my masters and started with the application procedure, I got stuck in middle of many questions, which university should I choose, which specialization should I go for, then I approached Gradvine.

The reason why I chose Gradvine is unlike other average consultancies, which suggests you with some regular university list based on your acads and GRE score, Gradvine is different. They make us dream bigger and help us in turning those dreams into reality. The difference between other consultancies and Gradvine is the people here have gone on this journey and experienced the pleasure of getting an admission from big universities from CMU, DUKE, UCB. My mentor helped me right from finalising the university list to choosing the university and I never faced any problem with the difference in time zone. They are really cordial and if you have any questions or doubts of why you have to choose a particular university or is it safe to pursue MS at this particular time because of hate crimes and many more policies getting changed or any other question, ask them and they give the best answer why you have to go for it. I would highly recommend Gradvine to every MS in US aspirant. Just contact them and you will get to know why you have to choose Gradvine.

They encourage us to dream big and help us turn those dreams into reality. The difference with Gradvine’s approach is their whole host of mentors. They themselves have walked through the admissions process and experienced the pleasure of getting into dream universities.

–Veena Nalluri, Vanderbilt University

Ayush Goyal

I would like to start by saying that Gradvine is the best thing that happened to me. Gradvine was suggested to me by one of my friends as I was not able to find the time and make the efforts to go see a consultancy firm in my city. I had my share of concerns as the whole idea of online consultancy for such physical and time consuming work did not seem feasible to me.

However, people at Gradvine surprised me with their willingness to help students achieve their dream. I would like to thank my mentor who tirelessly helped me with my applications and answered to all my questions/concerns within a stipulated time frame. He did not only assist me with the applications but motivated me to apply for dream universities and made me believe that I can get into them. So I agreed to his suggestions and applied for the following program:

– MS in Industrial Engineering/MEM Program:

  1. Columbia University – Admitted
  2. Penn State University – Admitted
  3. University of Southern California – Admitted
  4. University of Pittsburgh – Admitted
  5. University of Illinois Chicago – Admitted
  6. Hong Kong University of Science and Tech (Hong Kong) – Admitted
  7. Purdue University – Rejected
  8. University of Washington Seattle – Rejected
  9. Georgia Tech – Waitlisted and then Rejected due to no vacancy
  10. Duke University – Rejected

My profile: GRE – 314, TOEFL – 102, CGPA – 8.74…. 3 years of work experience in different industries (IT, Manufacturing and Technology)
Some pros of choosing Gradvine over others are listed below:

  1. Very cost-effective.
  2. Highly motivational.
  3. Excellent at understanding your experiences and requirements and suggesting best possible options accordingly.
  4. Always make you aim higher.
  5. Always available at your service.

I wish them all the best and hope to personally meet some of them soon. Thanks Gradvine.

I had my share of concerns as the whole idea of online consultancy for such physical and time consuming work did not seem feasible to me. However, people at Gradvine surprised me with their willingness to help students achieve their dream. I would like to thank my mentor who tirelessly helped me with my applications and answered to all my questions/concerns within a stipulated time frame

-Ayush Goyal- Columbia University- Management Science & Engineering